Report on What the Least Racist Group is — Just in Time for MLK Day


What group is doing the best job of judging people not “by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”? It’s a timely question on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and a black social commentator has answered it — not in the way you may think, though.

In a recent Rebel Media video, Jay Fayza mentions how whites have been maligned as the world’s most racist group. Yet citing a metadata analysis of worldwide surveys, Fayza states, “The most racist and bigoted people on earth are not whites. In fact, the most racist and bigoted people on Earth are in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.”

Calling whites “the most tolerant and accepting” group, Fayza explains that the analysis, conducted by economics website Insider Monkey, combied two different racism studies. As BusinessTech reported last year:

The first survey was conducted by the Washington Post and broadly asked if people would like having people of other races as neighbours. Answers saying no were assumed to have some form of racial basis.

The second survey was more direct, asking whether respondents had seen or experienced racism. All answers that we not a direct “no not at all”, were considered as a check next to racism.

The results will shock and dismay social-justice-warrior snowflakes everywhere. According to the analysis, the top ten most “racist” countries are:

  1. India
  2. Lebanon
  3. Bahrain
  4. Libya
  5. Egypt
  6. Philippines
  7. Kuwait 1
  8. Palestine
  9. South Africa
  10. South Korea

The analysis listed a total of 25 countries, and no Western land was among them; only two nations typically thought of as “white” were on the list. Russia, known for gung-ho group patriotism, was number 20; and Cyprus, populated mainly by those of Greek and Turkish descent, occupied the 22nd spot.

(Note: I wrote “typically thought of as white” because, technically, Turks and Arabs are Caucasian.)

Fayza (video below) also supports his case with FBI hate-crime statistics, stating (I’ve adjusted the figures; Fazya’s were slightly off) that in 2013 whites were only 54 percent of “hate crime” offenders despite being 62 percent  of the population. Blacks comprised 24 percent of hate-crime offenders despite being just 13 percent of the population.

Yet even this is deceptive. First, white-on-minority crimes are far more likely to be labeled “hate crimes” than minority-on-white crimes. Moreover, the FBI included Hispanics (whose designation is not racial, but ethnic) in the “white” category when compiling its figures. This is standard procedure when presenting crime statistics.

Fayza points out that the media’s and academia’s peddling of anti-white lies is dividing the races, as it makes blacks hateful themselves. Someone who would agree is Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a black minister who heads the Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny (BOND).

Complaining of bigotry in the black community, he stated on a 2015 edition of “The Steve Malzberg Show,” “I have to tell you, not all…but most black Americans are racist toward white Americans to a point that they have become like what they hate.”

And the anti-white lies are rife. Consider, for instance, the widely-accepted, media-promoted notion that an inordinate percentage of mass shootings are committed by whites. Analyzing data from left-wing site Mother Jones, I debunked this in 2014.

In reality, whites commit this crime no more frequently than their overall population figures would suggest. In fact, the only group overrepresented among mass shooters is Asian-descent Americans (ironic, given their generally very low crime rates).

Yet to paraphrase the 1960 film Pollyanna, if you look for the worst in people, you’re sure to find it. Feminist writer Susan Sontag wrote in 1967 that the “white race is the cancer of human history,” and since then this malignant lie has metastasized, with whites blamed for everything and credited for nothing.

But to provide a little perspective, just consider two examples (if, as the left does, we’re to analyze matters racially). Whites might not have been the first to practice slavery, one of the world’s oldest institutions.

But they were the first to eliminate it.

Whites aren’t the only ones who ever violated human rights.

Their Western civilization was, however, the one that birthed the modern conception of human rights, without which there could be no notion of violating them in the first place.

Yet no purely intellectual argument remedies an emotional problem. The only solution here, says Rev. Peterson, is that black people (and all people) must learn to forgive.

No doubt. Anger is like darkness: the more there is, the less you can see. But forgiveness allows the hate to dissipate, and then we begin to see people as they actually are. We no longer exaggerate their trespasses but see them clearly — and, sometimes, we realize the trespasses are actually our own.