(Video) How Gun Control Advocates Argue

This is an example of how gun control advocates try to defend their position. When countered with facts and logic, they resort to emotive displays, name-calling, and denying that bad things can happen.

The gun controllers push their utopian vision on everyone else, and do not think about the consequences of their policies. In reality, they are scared of guns and are uneducated about firearms and history.

Perhaps this video will drop some cold hard facts and extinguish the burning emotion of the gun control crowd which would make us all less safe and sitting ducks to the criminal element.

It’s time to push hard against the gun control lobby, and donate to the NRA. Write your Congressmen, post videos, get the truth out. Freedom dies when good people do nothing. This is a critical period in our nation’s history.

The American people will not succumb to government tyranny. Self defense is a natural right. Keep fighting the good fight and Don’t Tread On Me!!