(Video) Politically Incorrect Toy from 1964 – The Johnny Seven One Man Army (JSOMA)

In 1964 Topper Toys introduced the Johnny Seven One Man Army and it was the best selling toy of the year! Tons of them were produced and sold to kids who eagerly waited to obtain one to rule supreme over their backyard battles!

The Johnny Seven One Man Army (JSOMA) is a well made military styled toy rifle that had 7 functions and is about 3 feet long when fully assembled and Politically Incorrect by today’s standards. The toy was a:

1. Grenade Launcher
2. Anti-Tank Missile
3. The Armor Piercing and Anti-Bunker Missiles
4. Folding Bi-Pod
5. Cap Firing Removable Pistol
6. Repeating Rifle
7. Tommy Gun

What little kid would not want one of these!