America’s Appeal to the World

America's Appeal to the World Book CoverGet a FREE copy of “America’s Appeal to the World” by Moses Mather

In this very interesting short booklet, Moses Mather, makes the case for the American rebellion and appeals to the world for help.

The official title of this document is ” America’s appeal to the impartial world. Wherein the rights of the Americans, as men, British subjects, and as colonists; the equity of the demand, and of the manner in which it is made upon them by Great-Britain, are stated and considered. And, the opposition made by the colonies to acts of Parliament, their resorting to arms in their necessary defense, against the military armaments, employed to enforce them vindicated.”

It’s printed in an old form of English, the easiest way to read it is realize that what looks like an “f” to us, was an “s” in the time of the revolution.

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