Chief Joseph – In His Own Words

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About fifteen miles to the south of the Great Northern Railway tracks at Chinook, Montana, a historic battlefield lies almost Chief Joseph – In His Own Words Book Coverforgotten among the ravines and gullies that line the high bluffs of Snake Creek near its junction with the Milk River in the Bear Paw Mountains. Its trenches and earth works have gradually fallen into decay and the wild flowers and tall prairie grass have nearly obliterated the graves of its heroic dead.

Few people today, save possibly those living close by or those interested in Northwest history, can tell you the name of this place or of those who so gallantly fought here; yet less than fifty years ago on this very spot the white man and the red were fighting one of their last great battles.

Chief Joseph and his band of Nez Perce warriors had successfully defeated General Howard’s men on the Lolo trail, fought a drawn battle with General Gibbon at Big Hole and were rapidly retreating by a circuitous trail to join Sitting Bull in Canada, but the telegraph of the white man was working against him.

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