The Life Of Eliza Pinkney

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Eliza Lucas Pinckney (December 28, 1722–1793) changed agriculture in colonial South Carolina, where she developed indigo as one of its most important cash crops. Its cultivation and processing as dye produced one-third the total value of the colony’s exports before the Revolutionary War. Manager of three plantations at age 16, Pinckney had a major impact on the economy. She was the first woman to be inducted into South Carolina’s Business Hall of Fame.

In preparing this life of Mrs. Pinckney I have kept as closely as possible to the very numerous letters which she has left and to a few others written by members of her family or friends.

The task of selecting such of these or such portions of these as might best suit the purpose proposed, namely, the illustration of the social and domestic life of the time and place has been my chief duty. I have endeavored to show, as well as might be, the way of thought, the occupations, manner and customs of the women of Carolina in the last century.

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