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Too often we brush over the American Revolution in general, or the Declaration of Independence and Constitution specifically, when we are studying U.S. History or U.S. Government. We might give them a paragraph or two in a textbook, or a short mention in a lecture, but generally nothing more. And yet the War and those documents and their history are critical parts of both U.S. History and Government.

My desire here is to make the major people and events of the American Revolution and the people and the debates involved in the Declaration of Independence come alive for students. These two plays can be read aloud in a class of any size, or read silently by one or more students. If you have fewer students than the “characters” shown here – simply combine parts as needed.

To arrive at these dialogues, I researched the American Revolution, the debates of the Second Continental Congress, and the delegates that were there. Several of the quotes are historically documented, but many of the “lines” are merely similar to what different delegates might have said, based on my research.

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Catherine McGrew Jaime is wife, mom (of 12), teacher, historian, and author. Her special interests include the United States Constitution and Economics. She enjoys sharing those topics with her students and anyone else who will listen. After more than thirty years of homeschooling her own children and more than fifteen as a high school government club advisor, she has authored over one hundred books and booklets - many of them related to government and all of them useful for homeschoolers and classroom teachers alike.