Great Indian Chiefs of Early America

Great Indian Chiefs of Early America Book CoverGet a FREE copy of “Great Chiefs”, author unknown, reproduced and edited by Steve Straub of the Federalist Papers Project.

This important book, originally published in 1844, details the stories of several of the Great Indian Chiefs of the original 13 colonies and early America. These are men you likely have never heard about but they played a part in the story of early America.

Read about Red Jacket, the last of the Seneca tribe, Sharitarish head man of the Grand Pawnees, Neamathla of the Seminole tribe, Kaipolequa, chief of the Saukie nation, Tenskwautawaw and the Prophet, Shingabaa W’Ossin, chief of the Chippewa and many more ”Great Chiefs”.

As you read keep in mind the context of the times and that it was written from the perspective of an American for American readers.

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