King Philips War

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The principal purpose of the author, in preparing this volume, has been the presentation of a concise and accurate account of the events of the Indian wars in New England, with lists of officers, soldiers, military committees, scouts, and others engaged therein, as full and correct as possible.

Material has been drawn from all available sources, The official records of the three colonies, Massachusetts, Plymouth, and Connecticut; Rhode Island, as a non-combatant community, not being counted into the league. In addition to these sources, the Colonial Archives  have been diligently searched for unpublished documents, as well as the Registry, Probate, and Court Records, and documents of the several counties.

The basis, however, of the main body of the work, the services of the soldiers in Philip’s War, is drawn from the ancient accountbooks of Mr. John Hull, Treasurer-at-war of Massachusetts Colony, from 1675-1678.

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