The Boys of 1776 by Charles Carleton Coffin

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The story of the American Revolution, what our fathers accomplished, their hardships, heroism, and self-denial, in securing the independence of the country and in advancing liberty and happiness throughout the world will have an interest and charm of its own so long as the desire for freedom exists in the hearts of men.

In this volume an attempt has been made to give a concise, plain, and authentic narrative of the principal battles of the Revolution as witnessed by those who took part in them.

More than two hundred years have passed since “The Boys of 1776” shouldered their muskets and fought for their liberties. The sufferings, hardships, hatreds, and barbarities of that struggle, all have passed away, and Americans and Britons are brothers ; but the story of the struggle the patriot ism, self-denial, and devotion will never be forgotten.

That a perusal of these pages may deepen the love of the boys of the present generation for their country, and quicken their love for liberty and the rights of man, is the earnest hope of the author.

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