Get a Free Copy OF “The Life of Sitting Bull” By W. Fletcher Johnson


Get a free copy of “The Life of Sitting Bull” by W. Fletcher Johnson

The name of Sitting Bull must be as famous as that of Tecumseh, of Red Cloud, as that of Black Hawk or Massasoit. The Sioux massacres of 1862, make Wyoming seem commonplace, and the last rally of Custer at the Little Big Horn fight has no parallel in all the annals of our Indian wars. Nor is the long drama drawn to an unworthy close by the weird Ghost Dances, the death of Sitting Bull and the mad slaughtering at Wounded Knee.

It is the present purpose to record this history before the blood of the last grim chapter shall have grown dry. The views of both friends and foes of the Indian are given a fair hearing, nothing extenuated, nothing set down in malice.

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In years to come a more discerning judgment may record in other terms these same events. For this day and this generation we can only tell the story as it comes to us in the echoes of war, in the prayer for relief, in the cry of despair.

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