The Story of Liberty by Charles Carleton Coffin

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The Story of Liberty is a true narrative. It covers a period of five hundred years, and is an outline of the march from Slavery to Freedom. There are some points in this book to which I desire to direct your attention.

You will notice that the events which have given direction to the course of history have not always been great battles, for very few of the many conflicts of arms have had any determining force; but it will be seen that insignificant events have been not unfrequently followed by momentous results.

There is still another point to be noticed: that the successes of those who have struggled to keep men in slavery have often proved to be in reality failures; while the defeats of those who were fighting for freedom have often been victories. Emperors, kings, cardinals, priests, and popes have had their own way, and yet their plans have failed in the end.

If while reading this  “Story” you are roused to indignation, or pained at the recital of wrong and outrage, remember that out of endurance and sacrifice has come all that you hold most dear ; so will you comprehend what Liberty has cost, and what it is worth.

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