UCLA Paying Students to Fight “White Oppression”

Despite facts to the contrary; despite the knowledge that everyone has opportunity in this country, regardless of sex, race or economic status; despite the fact that this country is the freest country on the planet, the left-wing crazies at UCLA still want to claim oppression.

Are college students really dumb enough to believe that their lives aren’t in their own hands and that it’s not up to them to make their way in this world?

Are college students really so ignorant that they believe there is any systemic form of racism or oppression by the “patriarchy” over women in this country?

Of course, we know many college students who repudiate all of the above, but there are many who clearly haven’t gotten the reality memo yet.

Story. And apparently, some are at UCLA. From Campus Reform:

The University of California-Los Angeles is offering to pay students to serve as “Social Justice Advocates” who will “educate” their peers about “systems [of] oppression.”

The Social Justice Advocates program seeks students who want to help their classmates “navigate a world that operates on whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity as the primary ideologies,” and comes with a quarterly stipend, the amount of which has yet to be determined.

 “Social Justice Advocates will systems [of] oppression and how they intersect and build upon each other to maintain the status quo,” the description continues. “Most importantly individuals and the collective will be empowered through liberatory scholarship and practices and strengthening their emotional intelligence to create change within their spheres of influence.”

Astroturf. Aren’t these people really nothing more than paid hacktivists? If you’re trolling for “social justice,” wouldn’t it be because you truly believe in this false pretense of systemic racism and sexism? You wouldn’t need to get paid to see “justice” in that instance, right?

Or is it that students have finally had it with the suppression of different ideologies and they are losing volunteer snowflakes?

Why this matters? It continues to show how much the left hates the truth and how much they seek to continue preaching to people that they are victims. They are ingraining into the brains of students that they are not independent humans who make their own decisions, but are dependent upon a system that hates them.

Rather than teaching students the truth, that a person will have many successes and failures in life, for a variety of reasons; they are teaching students that any failures they may have are due to false victimhood status they are assigning to them.

They are teaching white male students that they are racist and sexist oppressors. They are teaching female students that they are nothing but victims of white male oppressors. They are teaching minority students that they are nothing but victims of white oppressors.

Wouldn’t students be better off if they were taught that we are all humans, all equal, and all have the ability to make our own choices in life and pave our own way?