Catholic Homeschoolers Growing Due to Common Core Concerns

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We’ve reported a few times recently about the amazing growth of homeschooling in America over the past couple of years. What is partly driving the phenomenal growth is concern by parents over Common Core in the public schools.

One of the latest developments in the growth of homeschooling is the ever increasing numbers of Catholic parents who are opting to homeschool their children rather than even send them to Catholic schools.

EAGnews reports:

MANASSAS, Va. – The latest studies show that an increasing number of students are being homeschooled by their parents in order to avoid Common Core, which is found even in many Catholic schools.

There is no question that the link is there and that parents are extremely concerned about how Common Core will affect their children’s Catholic education, said Florida Catholics Against Common Core’s Rolando Perez.

The Florida Department of Education recently released a report detailing a 9.6 percent increase in children being homeschooled, the largest increase in five years, according to the Herald Tribune. Since 2010, nearly 25,000 additional students in Florida have opted for homeschooling in lieu of public and Catholic school options.

“There is great concern about the indoctrination, data mining and constant testing that Common Core has brought to schools, including Catholic schools,” said Perez, who along with other concerned parents formed Florida Catholics Against Common Core. The priority for Common Core State Standards seems to be preparing students for future jobs, Perez affirmed. The standards then become utilitarian and distract from students’ moral and spiritual formation by placing too much emphasis on testing and performance.

“Definitely, that’s why you see people leaving the Catholic schools and going to homeschooling,” Perez stated, noting the loss of Catholic identity that some schools are or may soon be experiencing.

This is amazing.  Catholic parents believe they can no longer trust private Catholic schools to teach their children due to the ever-growing tentacles of Common Core reaching even into non-government parochial schools.

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EAGnews has more:

Denise Donohue, deputy director of K-12 Programs for the Newman Society, commented on the situation, noting how families are also turning to Catholic schools that do not embrace the Common Core:

It seems so surprising to me that all of these families are finding curricular materials that are non-Common Core and a majority of our diocesan schools cannot. There are 33 diocesan school systems in the country whose teachers daily navigate through textbooks and other resource material in order to teach their own traditional standards– standards that encompass the fullness of the human person.

Many private independent Catholic schools are also enjoying success without using Common Core Standards. The increase in membership for the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools is up 18% from 2013. This is telling us something. Perhaps it indicates dissatisfaction with current school availability and not so much a desire to homeschool. Either way, parents are exercising their primary God-given right to choose a particular type of education for their children, something that has eroded over the past decade.

Catholic parents who want their children educated with their values and beliefs are rightly concerned that any schools that embrace Common Core will undermine both their faith and parental authority as EAGnews reveals:

“Parents are concerned, rightly, that the quality and content of their children’s education will suffer as a result of Common Core,” Laura Berquist, founder and director of the Catholic distance homeschooling program said, adding that parents are understandably cautious regarding government involvement in setting education standards.

“This is not a role that should belong to the federal government,” Berquist continued. “Education has always been better handled at a more local level, and best handled by parents, who actually know and love their individual students.”

“There is no question that the implementation of Common Core into the classrooms of America has been a strong reason for more parents to choose home schooling,” Dr. Mary Kay Clark explained. “More educated parents are realizing that Common Core is intended to limit parental influence and to separate students from parental values.”

“The public school system is dedicated to teaching certain social values,” Clark stated. “Over the past decades, we have seen these values change from the Judeo-Christian values, upon which our nation was founded, to something quite different.”

They are both right.  Common Core is a radical left-wing educational scheme designed to give the federal government ultimate control over American education and all students.

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For these Catholic parents, they are making the most reasonable choices for their own children’s education.

If the Obama/Clinton Dept. of Education has its way, the government will make all the educational choices and parents will have none.  But for now, parents still have the final say in the education of their children.

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