Delicate Snowflakes Claim Police Only Protect White Males

Anti-Cop Anti-White Signs

The delicate snowflakes at Missouri State University reportedly put up posters claiming that the police only exist to protect white males.

“If you’re confident that the police exist to protect you, you have white male privilege,” the poster read.

Hmm …

I believe that the police exist to protect me, yet both my parents happen to be of East Indian ancestry, and I look naturally tanned. Sup with that, yo?

According to The Daily Caller, however, the privilege shaming extended way before just white males.

Check it out:

Instead of encouraging others to check their privilege, the students who put up these moronic signs ought to check their own heads for possible holes, because clearly, a large chunk of cranial matter has managed to leak out.

After reasonably minded students at the university expressed outrage on Twitter, the student government issued the following statement:

Other students responded by highlighting the anti-police and anti-white-male nature of the posters. Moreover, some alumni pledged to stop supporting the school:

As for the university’s president, Clif Smart, he did the “smart” thing (pun intended) and released a statement Sunday night attempting to distance himself from the posters.

“MSU is not sponsoring this poster,” he wrote. “[Missouri State RHA] is.”

“Share your concern/outrage here,” he added, along with a link to the RHA website.

Nice try, though, but the RHA is a subset of your own university, you moonbeam. It’s no wonder this school is such a hot mess…