Illinois Dumps ‘White Privilege Day’ After Massive Protest

Many on the left, who have essentially taken over and destroyed public education, have continually pushed their own racism onto students in their classrooms. Illinois is no different.

In a suburb of Chicago, last year there was a “White Privilege Day” for students. This year the parents were having none of it.

White Privilege Day. The day was a mandatory all-day seminar this year, and of course was outrageously racist against both black and white people. From EAG News:

The parent complaints about the seminar’s wildly liberal slant and unbalanced focus on white privilege theory can on the same day more than 950 students skipped the event, which featured seminars like “Whose Civil Rights? Transpeople of Color Navigating the U.S.,” “Western Bias in Science,” “Blackenomics 101,” “21st Century Voter Supression” (sic), and others.

For Blackenomics 101, for example, “Rapper, entertainer, and activist, John the Author explore(d) systemic racism in relation to building a black business and artist presence in minority communities,” according to the event’s agenda.

John the Author’s musical prowess includes the inspirational lyrics:

That’s when I look to the Lord

And when he tells me to kill

That’s when I reach for my sword

Die motherfu*ker die

What happened? Parents and students were outraged. Almost 1,000 students skipped the event and parents decided to fight back. They took their outrage to the school board, over 800 of them!

New Trier High School assistant superintendent Tim Hayes put the kibosh on a second mandatory “All-School Seminar Day” at an April school board meeting after more than 800 parents showed up to a meeting in February to complain about this year’s event, the North Cook News reports.

What is the seminar? Apparently the seminar is based on the left’s racist belief that all white people are oppressive and have power and privilege due to their skin color. A group from the uber-left-wing state of Massachusetts are the trainers of this racism. From North Cook News:

New Trier High School recently spent $4,200 to send Dan Paustian, coordinator of the Social Work Department, to a conference teaching about “white privilege” and “disparate impact,” records obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request reveal.

The records show that 39 payments between December 2011 and February 2016 went to the Massachusetts-based group Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED), which says its mission is to train teachers to acknowledge white “oppression, power, and privilege.”

Why this matters? This matters because this same type of trash, racism, and hatred could be taught in your child’s school. The only reason this was ended is because so many parents showed up to the school board meeting that they could not be ignored. Those who show up make a difference.

What happens now? Most likely, the parents in this school district will be even more vigilant, but it’s a lesson to all parents – know what’s going on at your child’s school, and if it’s outrageous, end it. Get other parents involved and show up at the school board meeting armed with the truth and facts, and don’t tolerate left-wing indoctrination. Ever.

How many other schools across the country are paying to push racism, hatred, and division in their schools? If you’re a parent, you should really look into your own school district to find out if your child will become a victim of the left.