INSANITY: School Pays $1.6 MILLION To ‘Retiring’ Superintendent

Wasting millions is “for the children,” right? This is another disgusting example of the failure that is known as government education.

A Howard County Superintendent announced her sudden “retirement,” and as a result will be paid almost $1.6 million for doing absolutely nothing.

Story. Apparently Dr. Renee Foose had sued the Board of Education for supposedly preventing her from doing her job. It seems the school board paid off Foose to drop the lawsuit if she retired, and they literally gave her a payout. From ABC 2 News:

Sources tell ABC2 that retiring Howard County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Renee Foose will receive $1.6 million over the next four years for her departure.

On Tuesday, the Howard County Board of Education announced that Dr. Foose retired from her position effective immediately. The board and superintendent were reportedly in meetings for nearly 17 hours Monday working on an exit agreement.

The terms of the agreement are:

The board agrees to pay Dr. Foose the gross sum of $1,132,680.

  1. $225,000 on May 31, 2017;
  2. $302,560 on January 15, 2018;
  3. $302,560 on January 15, 2019;
  4. $302,560 on January 15, 2020.

In addition, the board is making contributions to Foose’s 403B Plan for $171,000.

She’ll also get $278,126 for the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System.

REAL story. The real story behind Foose’s retirement was that the entire county wanted her out. There was a pretty horrific mold situation happening that Foose ignored, and then didn’t inform parents or the school board about until after children and teachers became ill. Apparently it is still a problem in the school district, and Foose is held responsible and has done nothing to end the issue. From the Mold In Howard County Schools-Information for Parents page:

This has been an ongoing saga in the school district, one that Foose has mismanaged and has parents across the district outraged.

Parents are relieved and glad that Foose is out, and some even think the payout is worth it to get rid of her.

What happens now? For now there will be an interim superintendent until the school board can find a new one. He will be paid a full salary on top of the payout to Foose for not doing her job. That’s $1.6 million that could actually go for education or for remediating the apparent issues they are having in schools that are making children ill.

Why this matters? It matters everywhere across the United States because it shows just how out of control union contracts are, as well as contracts being signed with school boards and administrators. What exactly are the kids getting out of this? Absolutely nothing. What exactly are the taxpayers getting out of this? Absolutely nothing.

Foose clearly lost support of the community and the school board, and therefore should have been fired with a vote of no confidence. Since she couldn’t do her job, she shouldn’t be getting a payout. A payout that hurts the children because it’s waste money.

This is another example of why parents and taxpayers need to get involved in their local school boards. Many school boards are rogue and are in bed with the unions although they are supposed to follow what the parents and taxpayers want. Votes matter.

This is just one example of outrage in the government school system. There are many others. Look at your own school board and attend meetings to see it in action. And if you have a good school board, support them. They need it.