School Suspends 10th-Grader For Having Bright Yellow Squirt Gun

Bright Yellow Water Pistol

Last month a Maine tenth-grader was suspended for 10 days for having a bright yellow squirt gun in his possession.

The school was made aware of this violation after the “gun” fell out of his backpack. Administrators told the Sun Journal that the student was suspended in accordance with school policy. (RELATED: Those 7 Times School Officials Went CRAZY Over NERF Guns, Pop Tarts And a Heroic Student)

School Superintendent Bill Webster told the newspaper that it was possible the suspension may be reduced:

“I can say that a student bringing a water pistol to school will, at first, be told that they are being suspended from school for 10 days,” he said in a statement. “We then work to get more facts and complete a review that often results in a reduction of the suspension period. Also, it is not uncommon for other factors to enter into the suspension decision, including the level of student cooperation.”

Webster implied that the student should consider himself lucky, since many other districts would have expelled him without a second thought.

What do you think of that? (RELATED: AP Government Test Used As Liberal Indoctrination Tool)