University’s Annual “Bias Report” Is Tearfully Pathetic

Crying Student

Prepare to shed many years over what has become of the country’s once prized institutions of greater learning, all of which now effectively function as daycare centers for America’s many “safe space” babies.

It just so happens that the University of Oregon’s Bias Response Team recently released its annual report, and well, a close look at the report confirmed that we have indeed raised a generation of coddled wusses.

Observe a few sample bias complaints recorded by the team:

  • “A student reported that a sign encouraging cleaning up after oneself was sexist.”
  • “A staff member reported that a poster featured a triggering image.”
  • “An anonymous individual reported photos on Facebook of student groups dressed
    in culturally stereotypical Halloween costumes.”
  • “An international student reported that an instructor asked them for a different name
    that was easier to pronounce.”
  • “Anonymous staff members reported that another staff member asked a coworker inappropriate questions and did not refer to them correctly.”

Moreover, the reports also included the team’s response, and its response to the last report was this: “A BRT Case Manager contacted the appropriate supervisor, who checked in with the target of these incidents and held a professional development conversation with the coworker.”

Oh my dear God …

University of Oregon Bias Response Team Annual Report | by Vivek Saxena

Writing for Reason magazine, Robby Soave opined, “These ‘conversations’ the BRT sponsors reflect a massive power imbalance between students and administrators, since the administrators appear to have the authority to punish the students.”

Not only punish students, but punish them specifically for saying or posting things that violate the sensibilities of their diaper-wearing peers.

“What right-thinking student, having been informed that he is a person of interest in a bias incident, would dare rebuff a member of the BRT who wants to have a conversation about his conduct?” Soave continued. “Would a student in such a situation feel like he could invoke his First Amendment rights without facing reprisals?”

Probably not, but what the heck does the First Amendment have to do with obtaining a college education in the day and age of Barack Obama anyway, huh?

H/T National Review