Students Shocked By Question About Conservatives [WATCH]

The left likes to claim they are tolerant, but the reality is they are the most Intolerant people in the country.

One such example is how they protest and riot on college campuses and other places when a *gasp* conservative speaker is brought in to speak. For some reason, the left cannot handle any opinion or thought that differs from their own.

The left becomes the intolerant people they claim the right are, even though the reality is that the right doesn’t try to shut down the speech of the left. From Campus Reform:

We at Campus Reform scoured the Internet in search of a recent example where the roles were reversed, and conservative students were rioting at the presence of a liberal speaker, but it was a fruitless endeavor.

With this in mind, we headed to our nation’s capital to ask voters a simple question: Can you ever remember a time where conservatives rioted at the presence of a liberal speaker?

The irony of the latest batch of protesters is they claim to be fighting “fascism,” yet they are indeed the ones behaving like actual fascists. Clearly the left-wing professors in their uber-liberal colleges haven’t bothered to teach them what the fascist ideology is really all about.