WI GOP to Punish Campus Thought Police

Over and over the country has seen college campuses become anti-free speech zones. Of course, they are only anti-free speech if you don’t agree with the left.

Berkeley is one of the bastions of anti-free speech and as a result has allowed riots and violence by the left who can’t handle the thoughts or speech of anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their way of thinking. The Wisconsin GOP has a solution to that for their own college campuses.

Legislation. The Wisconsin GOP is trying to pass a bill that will make it a crime to stop anyone from practicing their First Amendment rights. As The Blaze reported:

 The bill is reportedly modeled after a proposal that was created by the conservative Goldwater Institute to address the recent problems with allowing free-speech on campuses. Sponsors of the bill have said that this represents the Republican’s promise “to protect the freedom of expression on college campuses.”

“All across the nation and here at home, we’ve seen protesters trying to silence different viewpoints,” said Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, one of the bill’s chief sponsors. “Free speech means free speech for everyone and not just for the person who speaks the loudest.”

Opposition. Of course, the left has something to say about this and it’s pretty hilarious. From the Associated Press:

Scot Ross, executive director of liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now, called Vos and the bill’s other authors, Reps. Jesse Kremer and Dave Murphy and Sen. Sheila Harsdorf, “fragile snowflakes.”

“These Republicans want to make our campuses safe spaces for Republicans to be free of criticism and subject students to legal sanctions if they speak out,” Ross said.

Apparently this left wing organization hasn’t been paying attention to the violence being waged against anyone who dares to sing to a different tune than the lunatics on the left. It’s absolutely hilarious that this tool calls Republicans ‘snowflakes’ given it’s the left who seems to need ‘safe spaces’ from speech that differs from theirs.

Why this matters? Around the country, especially on college campuses, free speech rights are being infringed upon by administrators as well as leftists who simply cannot handle opinions that aren’t the exact same as theirs. These people can’t simply allow the speech and then disagree, they have to try and stop the speech. It’s one of the most UN-American things we’ve seen in the history of the country and the left is quite proud of it.

This legislation does need to be watched closely; however, because protesting speech with signs or other forms of protest should be allowed. The legislators will have to be very careful to craft a bill that doesn’t also infringe on free speech.