Yale Honors Students Who Led Witch Hunt Against Profs Who Defended Halloween Costumes

Yale has shown how much they hate the 1st Amendment by honoring fascist students who violently demanded the heads of a couple who worked at the college for daring to disagree with their idiocy.

Recall that a couple of years ago, social-justice-warrior snowflakes were pissed off about Halloween costumes. Yes, Halloween costumes. An administrator responded that students shouldn’t get so upset over speech or behavior they didn’t agree with, and they literally went on a witch hunt:

What Yale should have done was expel these students from the campus. What Yale should have done was promote free speech and differing ideas on their campus. What Yale should have done was stand up for their own employees.

But what did Yale do? They honored these horrifying fascist, out-of-control students instead. From Heat Street:

A new class of social-justice warriors is graduating from Yale—and to celebrate, the university honored two students who led a Halloween witch hunt against administrator Erika Christakis in Fall 2015. Now, Yale has awarded its Nakanishi Prize—given for academic achievement and racial activism—to Alexandra Zina Barlowe and Abdul-Razak Zachariah, graduating seniors who were “two of Yale’s most prominent Christakis critics,” the Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman reports.

Honoring Barlowe, Yale quoted classmates who commended the student activist for a “moral imagination” that “operates with the knowledge that issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, etc. are all interconnected.

This is absolutely disgusting. They honor students who shut down the free speech of others. They honor students who literally harassed two of their employees because they dared to promote free speech.

Yale is supposed to be one of the best schools in the country, but clearly, it’s one of the worst.