Quotes & Letters From Our Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers at Constitutional ConventionJames Madison wrote that “a people who mean to be their own governors must be armed with the power that knowledge gives”. In “Democracy in America” Alexis de Tocqueville noted that Americans of that time were far more knowledgeable about government and the issues of the day than their counterparts in Europe.

The founders knew that only an educated populace, jealous of their rights, would be strong enough to resist the usurpation of their liberties by government. Today many people know nothing of our true history, or the source of our rights.

The mission of The Federalist Papers Project is to get people the history, government and economics lessons they never got in school and to motivate them to push back at the erosion of our liberties and restore constitutionally limited small government.

The links below represent a gateway into our ever growing collection of quotes and letters designed to tell the tale of America without the filter of either the public education system or the media.


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Abigail Adams

Alexander Hamilton

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Rush

Charles Carroll

Daniel Webster

Fisher Ames

George Mason

George Washington

George Whitefield

James Iredell

James Madison[jcol/]

James Marshall

James Monroe

James Otis

James Wilson

John Adams

John Dickinson

John Francis Mercer

John Hancock

John Jay

John Quincy Adams

John Witherspoon

Joseph Story[jcol/]

Joseph Warren

Mercy Otis Warren

Noah Webster

Patrick Henry

Richard Henry Lee

Robert Yates

Samuel Adams

Samuel Bryan

Samuel Huntington

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Paine

William Grayson[/jcolumns]


Adam Smith

John Locke

Baron de Montesquieu

Thomas Hobbes

William Blackstone