Watch the Utterly Embarrassing Video Obama Just Shot for Buzzfeed News


In a video skit called, “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About,” President Obama teamed up with the perpetual adolescents over at Buzzfeed News.

The result is one of the most embarrassing public displays of shallowness ever produced by a sitting head of state.

And, of course, the whole thing amounts to one long commercial for Obamacare.

The piece is meant to encourage people who read Buzzfeed to sign up for health insurance through by the February 15 deadline. Since Buzzfeed’s core audience is under 30, this is the key demographic that Obama must reach in order to secure any hope for the law’s financial solvency. He must, in other words, convince them to spend thousands to purchase health insurance that they don’t need and can’t afford.

What better way to do that than with a goofy video that includes Obama making silly faces in a mirror, drawing doodles of Michelle in a notebook, using a selfie stick, and saying “YOLO”?

The video love letter to Obama was released only days after Buzzfeed conducted a sit-down interview with the Commander in Chief.


From Buzzfeed:

On Feb. 10, 2007, Barack Obama stood outside the state capitol in Springfield, Illinois, and announced his candidacy for president, promising a generational call to change the “ways of Washington,” gauzily promising a “future of endless possibility.” Reporters peered down at the senator from a building behind the sprawling, freezing crowd. “What’s stopped us is the failure of leadership, the smallness of our politics,” Obama said, “the ease with which we’re distracted by the petty and trivial, our chronic avoidance of tough decisions, our preference for scoring cheap political points instead of rolling up our sleeves and building a working consensus to tackle big problems.”

Eight years later — to the day — President Obama offered a spirited, sometimes combative defense of his six years in office, and of the ways in which the politics he sought to change have turned his presidency harsher, more tactical, and at times more frustrating than the crowd in Springfield hoped. Obama’s interview with BuzzFeed News Tuesday comes at a moment when he is feeling both the obvious satisfaction of forcing through major policy shifts, and the limits of his waning presidency. The interview was the latest in a series of conversations with media outlets that didn’t exist, or barely existed, when he first ran for president. And it was the latest effort to make himself, his message, and his appeal to young voters heard through a disorienting new media conversation that no public figure can control completely.


Watch the whole embarrassing charade below and let us know what you think.