A Short History of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks [Cartoon]


Robert Gehl reports that, who knows what they’ve got up their sleeves, but the hacking site Wikileaks tells us that 2017 will be the year of the “showdown.”

The hacktivist site has already done what they could to expose the Clinton Campaign for the lying, manipulative schemers that they are, so maybe their next target will be the party in power: the GOP.

Those leaks from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) – especially the leaked John Podesta emails, showed a party consumed with winning at all costs. It exposed the party’s corruption, their work behind the scenes attacking Bernie Sanders to rig the election for Hillary Clinton, and the cozy relationship between the DNC and the Clinton Campaign.

A similar organization – but seemingly unrelated – DC Leaks, published emails from Republican heavyweight Colin Powell and internal documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Both WikiLeaks and DCLeaks have been accused of being a front for Russian hackers, a charge that Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, vehemently denies.

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Assange insisted on an interview with the Sean Hannity Show that he also received information from the Republican National Committee, but it was information already public, so they chose not to publicize it. It was the information they received from the Democratic servers that was such the bombshell.

Assange also insisted that the information received from the DNC and John Podesta did not come from a “state party,” therefore not Russia.

Responding to James Clapper’s claim that Wikileaks was not directly involved with the hacking (that they were just the publishers and not just the hackers), Assange confirmed that.

Assange also told Hannity that Obama is deliberately trying to conflate the hacking emails revealed by Wikileaks for political purposes – that he knows Russia was not involved.

So what is the “showdown” that Assange and WikiLeaks promise for 2016? We’ll just have to wait and see, but since the site – which used to be a favorite of the Left – is now vilified by them, one might expect they’ll release information on the Republican National Committee and the GOP next.