BOOM: Cartoon Shows The Message Trump Sent ISIS With MOAB Strike

mic drop

C.E. Dyer reports that after former President Barack Obama spent eight years dropping all kinds of bombs, suddenly the practice is out of fashion again among leftists — well, in some cases; quite a few loved them some Tomahawks last week (aside from the name of course, which is supposedly super offensive). Anywho, apparently the MOAB — Mother of All Bombs — that was dropped on ISIS Thursday is just terrible, because patriarchy.

Leftists on Twitter had a conniption fit over the supposedly offensive name of the bomb. Apparently using the word “mother” is sexist because the bomb is really a mean old part of the patriarchy. Or something.

Seth Mandel, opinion editor at the New York Post, predicted the leftist take after the bomb was dropped on ISIS in Afghanistan:

And he was spot on. Education consultant and Inside Higher Ed writer Eric Stoller evidenced the left’s embarrassing and insufferable predictability:.

He apparently turned to the block button when he couldn’t handle the responses to his ridiculous tweet, which is a prime example of how leftist insanity festers in its ideological (and physical) safe spaces.

Take a look at some of the responses to Stoller’s insanity.

Nope, this is the depressing reality that is left-wing ideology.

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