BRUTAL Cartoon Shows How to Destroy Your State…California Style

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Robert Gehl reports that Sue Hursch is ashamed to be an American.

She supported Hillary Clinton, hates Donald Trump and “hates what the rest of America has become.”

So Sue Hursch and her like-minded Californians have joined a quixotic and idiotic effort to secede from the United States of America.

The group – called Yes California – seems like your typical nutty, leftist attempt to splinter off from the rest of the world and create a utopian hippie enclave – with Silicon Valley.

But there’s one problem: Russia.

Russia has taken great interest in this latest effort to secede from the United States. The group’s founders have close ties to the country and one of them, Louis Marinelli, currently lives in Yekaterinberg, Russia, The Chicago Tribune is reporting.

He said he wants to return to San Diego, but he will remain there while his Russian-born wife works out her visa issues.

But the Russian ties run deeper:

But Yes California has had to fend off a torrent of questions about Russian influence. In September, Marinelli represented the group at a Moscow conference hosted by the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia; 30 percent of conference funding came from the Russian government, but none went to Yes California, according to its organizer. Yes California opened a “cultural center” at the movement’s Moscow headquarters in December. Marinelli has compared California independence to the annexation of Crimea, and Yes California has received a flurry of news coverage from the government-funded RT.

Despite these concerns, the naive still flock to “Yes California.” They’re even collecting signatures for a “secession referendum.” At one San Francisco meeting, some were pretty pessimistic about any referendum passing, but they were willing to try.

“Our whole point is not to get this initiative passed,” co-Founder Marcus Ruiz Evans said. “It’s to get it in the minds of 40 million people.”

“California is different from America,” said Marcus Ruiz Evans, one of the movement’s co-founders, as he sat on the patio of a Starbucks in Fresno. “California is hated. It’s not liked. It’s seen as weird.”

Of course, all this is total nonsense. If the Civil War established anything, it is that the Union is indivisible. Read up on Texas v. White if you think any state can claim the right to secede.

The only real way any state could secede is to change the Constitution (see Article IV, Section 3) – and don’t count on that happening anytime soon.