Cartoon Reveals Why Obama’s Last Act May Be His Deadliest


Seth Connell reports that Secretary of State John Kerry held his final speech as the U.S. Secretary of State on Wednesday, and he addressed the newly hot topic of Israel in his remarks.

Mispronouncing several words, Kerry stumbled all over himself in a failed attempt to lie his way through a speech that criticized and blamed Israel for ongoing violence in the Middle East.

During the address, he made some pretty outlandish claims about the Jewish State, and the Obama administration’s policies towards our best ally in the Middle East. Here’s a rundown of the most ridiculous of them all:

1: Kerry claimed that the the Obama administration has been the best ally to the Jewish state in American history.

This is simply not the case. As The Times of Israel reported, the Obama administration has taken a sharp departure from the policies of previous administrations, which have shielded the Jewish state from unfair and targeted attacks on Israel.

Successive US presidents have sought to protect Israel from this disgraceful bias that it alone of all countries faces, often by vetoing unjust Security Council resolutions that single Israel out for international attack. Until now.

It is no good President Obama’s staff pretending that the decision to abstain was made on the spur of the moment. Instead it has been long planned. We have known of the president’s intention to lash out at Israel in this precise way and at this precise time for over a year. We believe he would have done so whether it was Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump that succeeded him. The undoubted difficulties this move imposes on the next president are considered secondary to the need to make a final strike at Israel and to bolster his own legacy.

Sure, Kerry can claim that the assistance in establishing the Iron Dome defenses constitutes enough support for our key ally, but unless the White House is willing to stand up to completely unfair and ridiculous attacks from Antisemitic countries, then defense assistance such as that is completely moot.

2. Israel can be a Democratic State, or a Jewish State, but it cannot be both.

As the Daily Caller noted, Kerry stated that if there is to only be one state in the region, then it cannot be one that is a “Jewish” state. It would have to encompass more than that.

This is one of two things: an implicit calling for a two-state solution, or for undermining the purpose of the creation of the nation-state of Israel – to be a nation that is for the Jewish people. The fact that other people live there that are not Jewish does not undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish state (especially given that the international community re-granted them the land which they held in antiquity, the home of the Jewish people).

But this seems to have almost no bearing on the debate. Israel is always in the wrong, and they are the ones that must make concessions, everything else going on in the Middle East notwithstanding.

There are a large number of Arabic states, with Islam as the official state religion, but the Jewish people are not allowed to have their own state, even if other people want to live there? That’s not very tolerant…

Forget the fact that Israel is one of the very few nations where non-Muslims will not be persecuted, gays will not be executed, and egregious abuses like rape, forced marriages, and wife-beating are not commonplace and accepted by law.

No, forget that. They can’t be Jewish because there are other people there that are not Jewish. Forget everything else, and examine the Israeli state in a vacuum, no other facts withstanding. That’s the way of the Antisemites.

3. The US understands Israeli values better than Israel. If they really knew what was best for them, they’d support the US vote.

There’s really not much to say on this one but, “what??”

How can the United States fully comprehend the needs of the Jewish State when we do not live in that situation? Even those of us that are supporters of our key Middle Eastern ally do not understand every little detail of their needs and values, because we don’t live there.

So why does John Kerry think that the United States government, and the United Nations, know what Israel needs and understand the Israeli people’s values better than the Israelis themselves? That makes no sense in any view based in reality.

Imagine if the United States introduced a resolution calling for a two-state solution in Iraq, so that the Christian Kurds and the Iraqi Muslims could each have their own nations (this obviously being hypothetical, as the nation-state of Iraq as we think of it no longer really exists due to the onslaught of the Islamic State). Would the United Nations support that?

Would they say that Iraq could not be an Islamic ation (if it were officially an Islamic nation) if the Kurds were there and had to live under their laws and under an illegal occupation?

Of course not, because there has almost always been a strong bias in favor of Islamic nations at the UN. Human rights abuses are almost never condemned, and if brought up, the issue is deflected to Israel and the “genocide” carried out by the Jewish people and their “extremist” leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu.

There is a great deal of Antisemitism in the world today, hatreds of the past are rising again, as predicted by Glenn Beck years ago. Now is the time to stand firm with our most important Middle Eastern ally against the tide of Antisemitism, where double standards are the norm and unfair resolutions and attacks are a routine.

Optimism reigns among the allies of Israel with the incoming Trump administration, now we must ensure that he carries out his intentions to rebuild a broken relationship with the Israelis.