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“No Go Zones” Getting So Bad, Residents Are Afraid to Leave Home by Calvin Frieburger

Our friends at Conservative Tribune report that the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention has recently released an alarming survey. It seems that in the aftermath of Sweden rolling out the welcome mat for Middle Eastern refugees and immigrants, a staggering half of the native residents of areas where the immigrants have moved in now say they’re too scared to so much as leave their homes.

“In some suburbs, many choose to not even go out because of the insecurity,” Swedish-language SVT News reported, based on a translation.

“Forty-eight percent report that they are experiencing insecurity when they are out late at night in their own residential area,” continued the Swedish news source. “Because of this, many choose not to even go out, the survey shows.”

Thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants have been pouring into Swedish cities over the last year.

“Five years ago the population of Malmö in southern Sweden passed the 300,000 mark and today hovers around 320,000,” explained Breitbart.

“In the last year, the number increased by 6,000 and authorities say the driving force behind the increase is mass migration, predominantly from Middle Eastern nations,” the report continued, citing local Swedish news sources.

How lovely. Were Swedish politicians too incompetent and too blinded by feel-good assumptions to anticipate this utterly foreseeable result? Or did they simply decide that terrorizing their own people was a small price to pay to show the world just how noble, enlightened, tolerant, and diverse their country is? Either way, it’s a testament to how liberalism functions like a deadly blend of religious cult and mental disorder, completely overriding the human mind’s most rudimentary reasoning skills and moral intuitions.

As CT points out, it’s one thing to welcome immigrants who want to assimilate to the values of the culture they’ve decided to make their new home. Assimilation is a beautiful thing that can unite all races, backgrounds, and faith around a set of enduring principles (and, contrary to liberal hysteria, it doesn’t demean or erase the cultural trappings and traditions of an immigrant’s homeland).

However, we’ve seen throughout Europe that when Middle Eastern immigrants are not vetted, scores of them show no interest in assimilation — quite the opposite, in fact. Far too many form their own cultural enclaves that practice the very interpretation of Islam one might have erroneously assumed they immigrated to get away from. And we’ve seen the violence and unrest that results far too often.

What do you think about this alarming story? Is it too late for Sweden and Europe, or do you see hope of them eventually returning to sanity and sovereignty? And is the United States in danger of going the same way, or has the election of Donald Trump saved us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.