Cartoon Shows What Democrats Really Think About Gorsuch and ‘Originalism’

dems originalism

Kimberly Morin reports that it was announced that Democrats are forcing the delay of the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Many Democrats have said they will obstruct his confirmation, including Senator Chuck Schumber (D-NY) who says he will filibuster Trump’s nominee.

Interesting given Republicans didn’t do the same with Obama’s picks in Sotomayor or Kagan.

The only reason Merrick Garland was held off was because it was during the final year of Obama’s failed reign as President. It didn’t make sense to give Obama yet another pick on the SCOTUS when a new President, whether it had been Clinton or not, would be taking office shortly.

Nonetheless, the Democrats are continuing in their childish tantrums. As NBC News reported:

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee forced the delay of a vote on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on Monday. The one-week delay in sending the nomination to the full Senate comes as the partisan battle lines over his final confirmation votes begin to harden.

At least 17 Democrats have come out in opposition to Gorsuch and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said that he will filibuster the nominee, which means he’ll force a 60-vote threshold once it clears the committee.

With Republicans holding 52 seats, they will need at least eight Democrats to vote with them under the current rules to send the nominee forward for a final confirmation vote that would then require a simple majority.

But Republicans do have the extreme option of employing the “nuclear” option — a change of Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees.

It appears Democrats are going to do to Trump what they claimed Republicans did to Obama while he was in office. Of course, Democrats lies about the obstructionism but they never let truth get in their way.

Recall one of the biggest beefs Democrats had with Gorsuch was that he actually followed the law. Imagine, a justice actually following the law. How incomprehensible to some on the left.