Cartoon Sums Up Exactly What GOP Is Thinking About Obamacare

Kimberly Morin reports that Senate Republicans have released their version of the ‘Repeal and Replace’ bill for healthcare. Unfortunately, the bill does nothing to repeal and only seems to replace some parts of Obamacare.

There are people analyzing the bill all across the board and most agree it’s nothing more than more Obamacare itself. There are some small changes in the bill and the left is claiming they hurt the disabled and truly needy (not true) and other issues as well. Basically, the legislation is simply continuing the failed Obamacare law with some tweaks they think may help. As Conservative Review made clear:

The bill does not repeal the actuarily insolvent regulations, the core element of what has destroyed insurance in America. Even the few minor regulatory reforms or state waivers that are in the House bill were stripped out. The bill merely loosens existing waiver authority up to the discretion of HHS for a few regulations, a provision that will not be strong enough to signal flexibility to insurers enough to reduce premiums.

We could end our analysis right now. Once the market is not healed, competition is not restored, and prices don’t come down, the rest is a chain reaction. Republicans will now own all of the vices of Obamacare, enacted, disgustingly, under the false pretense of repealing Obamacare. Nobody will be able to afford insurance, and everyone will need subsidies or Medicaid. Indeed, that is why the entire discussion and debate that will ensue will all revolve around the subsidies and Medicaid: because the bill doesn’t repeal the regulations.

Getting rid of regulations is the KEY to easing the burdens on people, businesses and insurance companies when it comes to Obamacare. The ridiculous regulations (thousands of them) are some of the reasons the costs rose exponentially.

Business Insider breaks up some of the key components of the changes and it does seem like everyone will be paying more (we’d pay less if government just got OUT of healthcare in the first place):

The 142-page discussion draft, called the Better Care Reconciliation Act, has the potential to affect a wide scope of Americans’ lives — from taxes on medical equipment to tax credits for people to buy coverage.

For people who have insurance through their employers, a bulk of the country, there would be substantial but less-direct effects. The more immediate impact would come on people who get their insurance through the individual insurance marketplace, like the exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act, or government programs like Medicaid.

The middle class will continue to get screwed under the senate’s plan as well, just as they have been getting screwed under Obamacare. There is absolutely nothing Republicans can do to fix the dumpster fire that is Obamacare. It will take YEARS to try and fix this nightmare.

The goal of Democrats was to put the failure of a program into place so that people would end up demanding ‘single payer healthcare.’ The left will always demand it but the government has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they cannot manage, direct, control nor actually run healthcare for over 300 MILLION people. Hell, they can’t even do it at the VA.

Republicans shouldn’t take over the responsibility of Obamacare. Let that albatross hang solely around the necks of Democrats and let them wear it like the letter ‘A’ for the rest of their miserable lives.