HARD TRUTH: What The GOP Needs to Get to Survive [Cartoon]

Regan Pifer writes that the state of Arizona has become notorious for their dry heat and flaky senators.

First, Arizona senator John McCain cast a vote to save Obamacare and now, his colleague, Jeff Flake “is quietly waging his own battle against President Trump.”

In other words, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is flaking on the GOP.

According to Downtrend, Trump is incredibly disappointed with Flake:

In fact, Trump is so disappointed with Senator Flake that it is being reported that he will be backing a primary challenge to a man who is yet another RINO and charter member of the Never Trump club.

Flake is clearly concerned and looking to save his own ass by helping to flip other Republicans against Trump and helping to instigate a civil war led by the party establishment against pro-America members of the GOP.

He has told his fellow Republicans, “If you don’t call out Trump, you’re complicit in his actions”.

He told CBS’s “Face the Nation”: “I think that you know, obviously the last thing you want to do is wake up every morning and see a tweet and think, ‘I just—‘ you know, it’s tough not to just say, ‘I’m not going to respond.’ And we can’t respond to everything. But there are times when you have to stand up and say, ‘I’m sorry. This is wrong.’”

Flake further mentioned that politicians must hold other politicians accountable and that is what he is doing now.

“There are truths that are self-evident. And you’ve got to stand up and call whether it’s the White House or other elected officials, to task, when they’re not doing what they should,” he said.

Talk about flaky.

I think Jeff Flake should just get it over with and register as a Democrat.

What about any of this is loyalty to the Republican party?

Can you imagine how productive the GOP could be if they banned together and formed a solidified front to overturn Obama-administration legislation?

Instead, people like Flake are trying to ride the anti-Trump tide to another senatorial victory.

Hopefully his constituents are flakes as well.