Democrats’ “Better Deal” Summed Up By One Cartoon

Calvin Freiburger writes that Democrats have stuck by their certifiably deranged House leader Nancy Pelosi for so long it looked like they were inseparable. But in a sign of just how terrified they are for their political future, that may be finally changin.

McClatchy reports that a recent survey asked 20 Democrat candidates for the House of Representatives whether they believed Pelosi should remain their party’s leader in that chamber of Congress.

The results? One said no, one said yes, and all the rest plead the Fifth.

“We are overdue for a new generation of leadership,” said Kenneth Harbaugh, a candidate in Ohio’s 7th Congressional District, and the only candidate surveyed who was a hard no on voting for Pelosi as leader. “We have a remarkable opportunity in front of us, and it’s going to take new thinking and new leadership to capitalize on it.”

Harbaugh, a former Navy pilot and graduate of Yale Law School, compared Pelosi’s leadership post to his service in the military.

“You are the captain of that ship and commander of that aircraft, and if it runs aground, it doesn’t matter where mistake was made … the captain is held accountable,” he said.

A Pelosi aide dismissed the survey’s findings, arguing that Pelosi remains firmly established as the Democratic leader while candidates focus on more important issues.

“Candidates across the country are focused on issues that matter to their constituents, such as better jobs and better wages, not the latest Beltway gossip,” said Jorge Aguilar, a spokesman for Pelosi’s campaign. “Leader Pelosi has the overwhelming backing of the House Democratic Caucus because she continues to unify Democrats in our battle to defeat Trumpcare.”

It takes some mighty brazen spin for Pelosi to claim credit on keeping Obamacare when the Republican bill actually passed the House and subsequent versions died in the Senate at the hands of other Republicans, especially considering that the only reason the House version’s fate was ever in doubt was because it was crafted to appease Senate rules, alienating conservatives. It was a disaster for Republicans, sure, but entirely self-inflicted; Pelosi and House Democrats would have been helpless to stop a true repeal.

More to the point, of course the Democrat establishment is going to pretend everything’s fine; Pelosi is a longtime fixture of party leadership and an icon to the hard Left.

If anything, that makes it even more damning that Dems who actually want a political future are refusing to go along with them. As Americans continue to repudiate Democrats in election after election and poll after poll, it’s increasingly difficult for politicians in all but the deepest blue districts to ignore the possibility that, just maybe, the fringe values and shrill presentation of one of the party’s leaders isn’t exactly the way to regain relevance.

Heckuva job, Nancy!