What Democrats Are “Shooting” At This Thanksgiving [Cartoon]

Democrats: Only Nazis Support Tax Cuts For The American People by Regan Pifer

It must be nice to be a Democrat.

Whenever you don’t like the position of another, instead of questioning their logic or rationale, you can just call them a Nazi or a fascist.

Makes life a whole lot easier for them.

Paint the other side of the aisle as the bad guy. That’ll solve everything.

Don’t like what they’re saying? Call it hate speech, call ’em a Nazi.

Don’t like tax reform? Call tax cuts Nazi reform.

Don’t like a Republican? Call them a bigot.

It’s easy!

According to the Daily Caller:

A Senate Majority PAC mailer with an enclosed letter from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tied together the Kremlin and neo-Nazis with corporate tax cuts.

“This Must Stop,” the mailer says above the words, “Corporate Tax Cuts. Discrimination. Kremlin. Medicaid Cuts. Bribes. Repealing Health Care. Neo-Nazis.”

The previously unreported letter was obtained by TheDC on Friday. Schumer claimed in it that Trump is turning his back on America in order to help Russia and “billionaire backers.”

There are a number of problems with Schumer’s comments.

First and foremost, he says the president “wasn’t elected to represent Moscow; he was elected to represent the American people.”

Not true, Chuck. Congress represents the American people. And…how on Earth do corporate tax cuts help Moscow?

Secondly, Schumer states “anyone who puts America in danger in order to serve other nation’s interests…should face a whole lot more than ‘great pressure’.”

Again, Chuck, not sure how tax reform aligns with benefitting Russia.

He also stated that Trump “and his Republican ‘yes men’ are dangerous to the people they are supposed to serve and the values America represents. But they are not unstoppable. Donate to Senate Majority PAC to end this power grab.”

I find this hilarious. Trump is actually cutting taxes on programs that increase the size and power of the federal government…one of the primary pillars of a fascist government. Yet, Schumer points his finger and suggests that THESE acts are fascist?

In the lead up to Democrat Ralph Northam’s recent Virginia gubernatorial win, a liberal group ran an ad depicting a Republican voter stalking minority children in a truck.

The group, Latino Victory Fund, told BuzzFeed that it will double down on this strategy.

“Our ad was an honest reflection of the fears facing communities of color in Virginia and across the country. It was designed to raise Latino voters’ awareness of Gillespie’s bigoted campaign tactics, and it accomplished that goal,” Cristóbal J. Alex, Latino Victory Fund president, said. “Faced with vicious, racist attacks, we usually turn the other cheek or point our finger at the bully. This time we threw a jab to the throat and we will continue raising our voices wherever and whenever racism rears its head.”

It is a sad day when the other side of the aisle must depend on scare tactics, ridiculous commercials and bold-face lies in order to get votes.

Wouldn’t you say?

And, of course, if Republicans ever tried to do half the stunts or name call the way Democrats did, there would be riots throughout the city.