Every Homeowner’s Worst Halloween Nightmare in One HILARIOUS Cartoon

Oh, this is too good.

No matter how frustrating the Republican Party’s failures to capitalize on their 2016 electoral victory may be, no matter what you think of Donald Trump’s presidency so far, every conservative in America can take comfort in recalling just how worse 2017 could have been, and how spectacular our November 2016 triumph over evil was.

Thursday, October 26 was the 70th birthday of former First Lady, New York Senator, US Secretary of State, and failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. In the days last year before her White House dreams were dashed by the most hilariously unlikely presidential victor in American history, the Clinton campaign tweeted out an equally hilarious message that set a new standard for hubris and practically dared karma to make it blow up in their faces:

Now, to be fair to team Clinton jumping the gun, they were far from the only ones. More than a few of Hillary’s best friends were telling them they had every reason to start planning the move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

Twitchy has two positively delightful compilations of reaction tweets to commemorate the occasion. Here are a couple of ’em:

But the greatest of them all (really, it isn’t even close) simply contrasts the original tweet with a picture of how, it turns out, Queen Hillary has actually been spending her time since last November instead of packing courts, persecuting conservatives, and lining the pockets of Clinton Foundation donors:

That gem, courtesy of conservative blogger David Burge (AKA Iowahawk), got quite a rise out of the conservative Twitter community, and rightly so:

Iowahawk responded with the epitome of understatement:

The New York Post reports that even one of the sons of the actual 45th president, Donald Trump Jr., joined in on the fun:

“A year later the arrogance and entitlement in this tweet is [sic] exactly why it was never going to happen,” the president’s eldest first son wrote.

“A year later the arrogance and entitlement in this tweet is [sic] exactly why it was never going to happen,” the president’s eldest first son wrote.

“Happy Birthday to this future president,” the former first lady had tweeted last October.

Earlier, Trump Jr. took another shot, wishing Clinton “Happy Birthday Hillary!” — with a birthday cake emoji — in a retweet of a Fox News post.

“FOX NEWS ALERT: DOJ lifts gag order, allows FBI informant to testify on Russian Uranium Deal in front of Congress,” read the Fox tweet, referring to the investigation into the sale of 20 percent of the US uranium supply to Russia during the Obama administration while Hillary was secretary of state.

Arrogance and entitlement … yep, that pretty much covers it.

At American News 24/7, Andrew Mark Miller paints a picture that only adds to the delicious schadenfreude:

You know that she is reading and seeing these tweets about this too. It has to drive her nuts.

You’d think that she would have deleted those awkward tweets on election night.

Maybe she still thinks she’ll be president?

As the man who vanquished Mrs. Clinton would say, “Sad!”