GOP Priorities Summed Up in One BRUTAL Cartoon

Robert Gehl reports that someone on Capitol Hill has the courage to stand up against the GOP establishment in Washington besides President Donald Trump, and that someone is Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert.

He just couldn’t be happier that Trump is finally going to use his executive authority to begin the rollback of Obamacare (all within what many conservatives believe to be a legitimate purview of Presidential powers).

“God Bless Donald Trump,” he told Fox News’ ‘Varney and Company.’ All these dishonest Republican lawmakers who promised to repeal Obamacare once they got elected are now going back on their promise – and Gohmert is tired of it.

“There have been so many in the Senate who got elected promising to repeal Obamacare, to have massive tax reform.

“God bless Donald Trump. He’s doing everything he can, despite dealing with dishonest Senators that got fraudulently elected.

“One of the things I love about Donald Trump, if you heard him yesterday talking to Sean Hannity, he says, I love this –‘we are not giving up, we are not giving up.’ That’s my guy. We are not giving up on health care. We can’t give up. There are too many people that are paying too much in premiums, premiums are spiking, deductibles are spiking …”

“He’s doing something President Obama did in eliminating the mandate. The difference is Obama eliminated the mandate for his supporters and Trump is going to eliminate the mandate for everybody it may hurt. So there’s a little difference there – it’s not a partisan effort to help.”

For years, Republicans campaigned on repealing Obamacare – shortly after the law was passed, in fact.

They said they couldn’t repeal Obamacare until they controlled the House – they got that. Then they said they needed the Senate. The American people gave them that too.

Then – dozens of times – they sent a clean “repeal” bill to then-President Obama, knowing he would veto it.

“We need the Presidency,” they declared. “Then we can really repeal Obamacare.”

So the American people gave them Donald J. Trump, who said he would be waiting – pen in hand – to sign an Obamacare repeal as soon as it came to his desk.

But nothing came. Instead, a few entrenched GOP senators hemmed and hawed and got nothing done. And here we are still with Obamacare, and those dishonest Senators twiddling their thumbs while Americans deal with the law’s death-spiral.

Using the executive authority he has, Trump is sidelining a stalled Congress and will direct federal agencies to take action aimed at providing lower cost heath insurance options and fostering competition in the marketplace, as TFPP reported on Thursday.

This move is only the first of several efforts to strike parts of the failed Affordable Healthcare Act.

One of the changes – boosting alternative insurance arrangements exempted from key ACA rule – will provide many more options for consumers. Some experts and critics say that in the end, it will only raise costs for sick people by driving younger, healthier people away from the ACA onto these alternative plans.

It will take months for even the simplest of changes to take effect from the executive order and leaves key details to the Labor Department to do the final rule-making, after a public-comment period.