HARD TRUTH About Kathy Griffin And Her Knife

Robert Gehl reports that You know you’ve gone too far when Satanists keep their distance.

After particularly unfunny “d-list” comic Kathy Griffin participated in a photo shoot showing her holding up the bloody severed head of President Donald Trump, the Church of Satan quickly disavowed any knowledge or approval of her actions.

When conspiracy theorist and blogger Mike Cernovich made an offhand comment on Twitter that Griffin’s antics were “Satanic-ISIS death threats,” the Satanists responded.

“CNN has yet to issue a statement about Satanic-ISIS death threats made by its employee Kathy Griffin,” he wrote. Contact their advertisers!”

Within the hour, the “Church of Satan” responded with a simple: “Please do not include us in this.”

Interestingly, CNN declared Griffin’s antics “disgusting and offensive,” but had yet to actually pull her off their cable network at the time (they did so later). She is best known for co-hosting a snore-fest New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper.

She initially defended her photo shoot, but after the Secret Service decided to pay her a visit, Griffin – or someone who resembles her – decided to apologize.

H/T: The American Mirror