Hard Truth About Fascism in America Every Liberal Needs to Know

As Robert Gehl reports, we’ve got a Trigger Warning: This story contains depictions of a stupidity so profound, it may make you stupider simply for having read it. I know I am noticeably dimmer for having typed it.

Demonstrators at a college in Pennsylvania are demanding a building called “Lynch Memorial Hall” be renamed because of the “racial overtones” of the word “lynch,” PennLive is reporting.

The students at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, made the demand, among a long list of others to administration. It’s enough to make some folks cry. Seriously.

Clyde A. Lynch was a Depression-era former president of the college who – of course – had nothing to do with “lynchings.” But that doesn’t matter, apparently.

lynch hall

Lebanon Valley College’s Lynch Memorial Hall – site of RACIST LYNCHINGS! Er, no.

Their other demands, greater diversity, breaking down barriers of “institutional discrimination” (whatever that is) were warmly received. But the Lynch Hall renaming? Not so much.

A school spokesman called former President Lynch a “very important figure” in the history of the college. He is credited with guiding the school through the Great Depression.

The name stays.

At Friday’s forum they acknowledged no known links between Dr. Clyde A. Lynch and the practice of “Lynching,” but said as is, the building and last name harken back to a period in American history when Blacks were widely and arbitrarily killed by public hangings and “Lynch Mobs.”

The students – perhaps rubbing their two brain cells together – said they’d be willing to “compromise” on the name – perhaps adding Lynch’s first name to the hall. But their supporters, perhaps having lost one of their two brain cells – were unsatisfied.


“I will not longer watch NFL football when John Lynch announces. Or watch Jane Lynch on TV. Too upsetting,” a commenter named “gmaven” quipped.

In a video, the brain trust of the protest movement said all of their demands were reasonable. “Every demand we had, we didn’t think it was too unreasonable of a demand,” she said.

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