HILARIOUS: Democrat Failure In Special Elections BRUTALLY Summed Up

They’re losing it. Robert Gehl reports that Leftist behemoth Michael Moore lashed out at Democrats after the party failed to win yet another election post-President Trump. The party spent tens of millions of dollars on a race that was supposed to be a referendum on Donald Trump.

It was, except that people chose wisely.

Moore and his leftist buddies are steaming with the rudderless Democratic Party that is without message and without leadership in the wake of the humiliating loss of Hillary Clinton.

The morbidly obese filmmaker ripped the Democratic National Committee and House Democrats for having “no message, no plan, no leaders.” Washington Democrats “hate the resistance,” he said.

Liberals have turned out for huge anti-Trump protests across the country and have made life miserable for GOP lawmakers at town halls in their home districts, but Republicans nonetheless won all four special elections this year, The Hill reports.

Still, the special elections have taken place in traditionally red districts. Democrats still believe the House will be in play in 2018, as the party in power typically loses seats in midterm elections.

Michael Moore is precisely the reason why Democrats are losing. Nobody cares about the “resistance” or Russia or “NeverTrumpers.” Democrats will continue to lose by being against everything and anything conservatives stand for rather than being for something.