HILARIOUS: Republicans’ Campaign Slogan for 2018 Midterms

Robert Gehl reports that President Donald Trump has come to rely on Nancy Pelosi to help boost his standing, leadership and his agenda around the country as Americans see the screeching old lady as a loathsome alternative to The Donald.

Perhaps that’s why Trump said he would be heartbroken if Democrats turn on their House Minority leader and choose someone else to drag their party out of the ditch.

He tweeted that he thinks Pelosi should keep her leadership post because it certainly makes Republicans look good.

“I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out,” Trump wrote. “That would be very bad for the Republican Party – and please let Cryin’ Chuck stay!”

Speaking on Fox News, the President echoed the same sentiments.

“I hope she doesn’t step down,” he said. “I think that it would be a very, very sad for Republicans if she steps down. I’d be very, very disappointed if she did. I’d like to keep her right where she is because our record is extraordinary against her.”

There have been calls for Pelosi to step down, but with a 5-0 record of wins in national elections since Trump took office, the President would like Pelosi to stay right where she is.

” I think the Democrats thought it would be a lot different than that. Five and 0 is a big, that’s a big margin. And this last one was very interesting, though, because they put everything into it. They had every consultant, they had agencies, advertising agencies,” Trump said.

“I will say this. They are, right now, obstructionists. All they want to do is try and obstruct. I think they’d do much better, as a party, if they got along with us, if they called us and said let’s work on healthcare together, let’s work on tax cuts together and tax reform. Let’s work on infrastructure together. We can do it together,” Trump added.

H/T: The Washington Examiner