HILARIOUS: The REAL Effect of Recent Intelligence Leaks [CARTOON]


Sierra Marlee reports that President Trump is sure he knows who is leaking information about his phone calls with Australian and Mexican leaders.

On Sunday, Trump told Fox News that “It’s a disgrace that they leaked because it’s very much against our country,” and accused “Obama people” of the leaks that have caused a stir in the mainstream media.

He also made it very clear that the individuals that he believes to be responsible for the leaks are being replaced.

CNN reported that Trump’s behavior toward Australia could “fracture our ‘great alliance,'” while the New York Times ran a story entitled “U.S.-Australia Rift Is Possible After Trump Ends Call With Prime Minister.”

A Mother Jones reporter told the Washington Post that “[g]iven Trump’s erratic nature and lack of experience, especially in foreign affairs, these leaks may be more important than ever.”

It isn’t outside the realm of possibility that people who were so dedicated to Obama are intentionally leaking information in an attempt to hurt President Trump. In fact, that seems like something the Democratic Party would pay them extra for. While we should absolutely know the goings on of the White House, there are some things that it is just stupid to get riled up over.

This would be one of those things. I’m glad Trump is replacing them all.