HILARIOUS: Why We Need to Stop Engaging in Trivial Political Fights [Cartoon]

trump twitter fights

Robert Gehl asks if you remember when Hillary Clinton was typin’ and clickin’ all those emails on her Blackberry using her totally unsecure basement server?

Lots of people were upset and concerned that her phone and email might be hacked. Republicans were concerned, even the State Department was concerned.

But some people weren’t too worried.

Sen. Claire McCaskill wasn’t worried. Not a bit. She said that Hillary was using a private email server because she wanted “privacy.” And there’s nothing to worry about.

“She’s admitted this was a mistake. I think we need to realize she wasn’t trying to undermine the United States of America, she was trying to protect her privacy,” the Missouri Democrat said.

Yeah … no big deal, right?

And Sen. Tom Carper wasn’t worried at all. In fact, he was livid that then-FBI Director James Comey would dare to investigate Clinton’s use of a private server and whether or not it jeopardized national security.

So isn’t it hysterically ironic that these two senators are leading the freakout brigade when it comes to Donald Trump’s private Twitter account?

After pooh-pooing Hillary’s careless use of anything with a keyboard, these two hypocrites had the nerve to write a letter to the Defense Secretary, desperately worried that someone might hack the President’s Android phone that he uses exclusively for Twitter.

“We write today regarding the security concerns stemming from President Donald Trump’s reported use of his personal, unofficial, smartphone,” the duo wrote, alleging that Trump is continuing to use his “old, unsecured Android phone” instead of an encrypted device.

“As you know, hackers often target smartphones in an attempt to obtain sensitive, personal information from the user,” they complained.

What? When did these two senators discover this? Because they didn’t give two shits when Hillary was spreading around emails like cake frosting.

Even better is their comment that they’re worried Trump’s use of a personal phone may interfere with the “preservation of personal records.”

I assume these are the same “personal records” that Hillary Clinton burned, smashed, and destroyed.

These two leftist hypocrites are the same ones who didn’t see a problem at all when it was discovered there was a “99 percent chance” the Clinton server was breached.

I’ve got to hand it to them. They have absolutely no shame. And if you’re going to be a politician – especially a Democrat – being shameless helps.

As does having no institutional memory whatsoever.

H/T: Brittany M. Hughes, MRCTV