How Americans Reacted To Obama’s Farewell Speech Perfectly Summed Up


Robert Gehl reports that with the long, eight-year nightmare almost over, Barack Obama can’t help but stick it to the American people One. Last. Time.

As is tradition for the outgoing President, after the inauguration, the (ex) President will take one last ride on Air Force One. When George W. Bush left office in 2009, he took a final flight to his ranch in Texas. Here he is on Marine One, the helicopter on his way to Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland:


But Barack Obama’s not really going anywhere. Not geographically. See, Malia is still in school, and they want her to finish out her studies before they head back to Chicago.

But Barack Obama loves his Air Force One, as IJR reports. Here he is telling some Air Force Academy graduates how much he loves it.

So he’s got that traditional last flight, but he’s got no place to go? So what does he do?

He goes on vacation!

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed this when he said: “The president and first lady will be leaving town shortly after the Inaugural Ceremony. But they will return, of course, to their rented house in Washington, D.C.”

Where are they going? They won’t say. Obama told Oprah last month it was “someplace warm.” Hawaii, maybe?

Air Force One is a massive vessel. More than 4,000 square feet (twice the size of my house!), a medical office, conference room, bedrooms, galleys and sophisticated anti-aircraft weaponry and mid-air refueling capabilities.

This vacation will all happen, mind you, while Donald Trump is actually President and – we hope – looking at ways to actually trim the cost of Air Force One, not flying around on vacation in it.

I hope Barack and Michelle Obama enjoy their last vacation. Because they’ll be private citizens and (hopefully) our of our hair after that. Because at $228,000 per hour, we just can’t afford him anymore.