Last Night’s Oscars Entirely Summed Up By One Brutal Cartoon

oscars 2017

Sierra Marlee reports that in the wonderful world of liberalism, women are delicate flowers  and if you even look at them the wrong way, they should be able to sue you for rape because how dare you look at them without permission? They will tell you this while simultaneously letting you know that women are empowered and don’t need men for anything except using as a doormat.

So, while you’re trying to figure out what they actually believe in (good luck,) watch this video of a tolerant liberal woman attacking a female Trump supporter for doing nothing more than holding a sign outside the Oscars. Oh, and the best part? Miss MAGA hits back.

Watch the video below:

The second part of the video shows an altercation that took place before the young blonde girl assaulted the female Trump supporter; she and her intolerant friend can be seen verbally attacking another group of people, one of whom called them “fake” and told them they had “no respect.”

In a desperate attempt to prove his point, one of the girls flipped him off and turned around, grabbing her rear.

trump-supporter-attacked-5-1024x629 (1)

Of course these girls are young and stupid, but ignorance is not an excuse for violence and hatred. They are exhibiting all of the same behaviors they condemn in conservatives and Trump supporters.

Sure, that’s easy to do when you don’t actually believe in anything, but you would think that at some point these little girls would notice that they’re acting like morons.

Unfortunately for them, they are now on the internet and won’t be able to live it down for the rest of their lives. Their parents should be ashamed.