How Left Wing Media Reported on GA Election, Monday vs Wednesday

Only, it’s not the GOP that keeps getting the bad news… Robert Gehl writes that, like a runaway freight train, the bad news keeps coming for the Democrats.

On the heels of a humiliating defeat at the polls in November – and a reassertion of Republican principles victorious in the historic Congressional race in Georgia, now comes word that the Democratic Party is – to put it mildly – in a bit of a fundraising slump.

The DNC raised only $4.29 million in the month of May – the single worst May fundraising month in 14 years, the Washington Free Beacon is reporting.

Contributions to losing parties typically dips in the year following a Presidential race, but this is crazy.

The news comes after Democrats posted their worst April since 2008, hauling in just $4.7 million – meaning that contributions are actually declining during a time when leftists are working feverishly to gain traction for their “#Resistance” to President Trump and his agenda.

Speaking on MSNBC, DNC Chair Tom Perez said “We have a lot of rebuilding to do.”

He wasn’t kidding.

Last month, Hillary Clinton chastised the DNC for being “on the verge of insolvency,” of course, blaming them for her loss.