Liberal Hypocrisy on Intolerance And Hate Summed Up By One Cartoon

Calvin Freiburger asks if you remember how Americans rallied to show solidarity with French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo following a 2015 Islamic terrorist attack over the publication of a cartoon mocking the Prophet Muhammad? Apparently Charlie Hebdo doesn’t.

The Right Scoop highlights the following cover of a new issue:

“It looks like every scummy atheist is using a terrible tragedy to mock religious people, because that shows the best of their values,” Right Scoop blogger Soopermexican commented.

This is so cruel, so dishonest, so thoughtless, so talentless that one scarcely knows where to begin.

The idea that scores of Texans (including 30 fatalities so far) deserved this suffering? The premise that Nazis comprise any meaningful percentage of the Texas populace? The contrast to how Texans reacted when tragedy struck Charlie Hebdo?

It’s all so self-evidently wretched and idiotic and pointless. There is nothing resembling a point here, not one scrap of artistic, satirical, journalistic, philosophical, or political merit. The sole purpose on display here is malice for malice’s sake.