Liberal Hypocrisy on Gun Violence Exposed By One Brutal Cartoon

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Kimberly Morin reports that most Hollyweirdos are extremely uninformed when it comes to politics, the Constitution or actual rights that are supposed to be protected in this country and very often most are hypocrites.

Cue yet another ignoramus in the gun control fight, Julianne Moore. Not only does she not understand the 2nd Amendment but she cites numbers about gun violence that simply aren’t true.


This is a hypocritical woman who makes movies where she’s using firearms and probably has armed security for her own family.

On Saturday she joined the paid harpies of Bloomberg at a rally in New York. From Breitbart:

Actress Julianne Moore attended a march for gun control on Saturday, telling attendees that gun control “is not a Second Amendment issue.”

The march was organized by Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action.

“This is not a Second Amendment issue! It does not deserve to be hotly debated as such! It is a safety issue!” Moore told marchers, according to Newsday.

From Newsday:

Funding for the rally came in large part from former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul who has given tens of millions of dollars of his own fortune to lobbying efforts advocating stricter gun laws.

“Nobody carrying loaded guns in public is a ‘good guy,’ ” one sign read, a reference to a comment by Wayne LaPierre, chief executive of the National Rifle Association, after 2012’s Newtown shootings left 28 dead that the “only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.”

Of course the rally was backed by Bloomberg. These are paid hacks. Meanwhile, around the country, there are millions of people who voluntarily push for less gun control because they realize how important their right to self defense is in this country.

What these hoplophobes fail to get is that their push for more gun control only turns more people into 2nd Amendment supporters.

The gun lobby isn’t the NRA, it’s the people across the country who want to protect themselves and their families because help is minutes away when seconds matter.