MARCH MADNESS: What We’re All Thinking About This CRAZY Weather

crazy wather

Brian Thomas reports that CNN’s progressive political commentator, Sally Kohn, took to Twitter Thursday, claiming a snow of 4 inches after a 64 degree day was proof of global warming.

Not only does Kohn fail to see the difference between climate and weather, she also doesn’t know the difference between night and day.

In the daytime, Kohn would be surprised to learn, sunlight causes higher temperatures than what we can expect at nighttime. It’s no surprise that a 64 degree March afternoon would cool down after the sun sets and a few inches of snow might fall during the winter night.

A few hours of attention to New York City weather isn’t proof to use on Twitter to publicly lambast Trump’s history of skepticism towards climate change.

Sally Kohn is no stranger to stupid. She’s also quite used to her rants prompting a social media smack down on Twitter.

Last summer, she received brutal responses after publicly defending Sharia Law.

Her misinformation didn’t go unnoticed by real weather experts, who took the time to try to convince Kohn she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

WeatherBell Analytics meteorologist, Joe Bastardi, also chimed in to school Kohn on how weather works.

Kohn wasn’t fazed by the opinions of scientists. Kohn defended her tweet, and tried to provide some support for her claims.

Luckily, real meteorologists know just how to respond to a quickly Googled link Kohn thinks gave her merit.

One of the top weather experts in the country, Mike Smith, agreed that incidental, momentary swings in NYC weather are unrelated to global warming.  “The weather in your tweet has nothing to do with global warming,” Smith told Kohn.

Smith is well known as “America’s Tornado Expert.” According to Mike Smith Enterprises, Smith “holds the highest awards in the science of meteorology, 19 patents, board certification and other honors too numerous to mention.”

Kohn’s problem is that she thinks being a “commentator” automatically means she has the mental prowess to take on any subject, without a background of study in that field and without doing any real research.

To Kohn, scientific research is as easy as swiping left on her smartphone to see what NYC temperature will be after dark. Kohn thinks that being a progressive liberal means she must be smart. As a ‘smart’ person, Kohn doesn’t need to familiarize herself with anything.

Kohn’s job is never to learn, but to inform her mental inferiors of all the great things she thinks she knows.

When not even real meteorologists could convince Kohn to stop playing scientist, it’s clear that she’s suffering from far worse than simple arrogance.

Delusions which infect so many “progressive commentators,” keep their victims assured that if they think it, it must be true.

H/T: Daily Wire