PATHETIC State of Dems’ Russia Narrative [Cartoon]

Kimberly Morin reports that CNN continues to prove why they are one of the most untrustworthy news sources in the country. Not only have they continually shown their bias against the Trump Administration but they are absolutely getting lambasted for posting actual ‘fake news.’

This isn’t just someone claiming they are fake news, they actually retracted an outrageous story about Russia while trying to prove collusion between the Trump transition team and Russians. From

On Thursday evening, CNN investigative reporter Thomas Frank published a potentially explosive report involving an investigation of a Russian investment fund with potential ties to several associates of President Donald Trump.

But by Friday night, the story was removed from CNN’s website and all links were scrubbed from the network’s social media accounts.

“That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted,” CNN said in an editors note posted in place of the story. “Links to the story have been disabled.”

Wait, CNN has editorial standards? That’s news right there. What they were reporting was possibly quite damaging and it stayed up for over 24 hours. At that point, how many people read the story and believed it was real? From

In addition to retracting its story, CNN also apologized to Anthony Scaramucci, an adviser to Trump during the presidential campaign and a member of his transition team’s executive committee, who was mentioned in the story as having met Kirill Dmitriev, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) that the network said is overseen by Vnesheconombank, a state-run bank that is currently under U.S. sanctions.

According to the report,  the meeting between Scarmucci and Dmitriev could have included the issue of sanctions being lifted, but a spokesperson for the RDIF told Sputnik News, a state-run Russian news channel, that the fund is not a part of Vnesheconombank.

Scaramucci accepted the apology but the damage has already been done when it comes to regular Americans. How many will actually see the retraction? How many others on the left reported on this same story believing it was factual?

This is one of the problems with the 24-hour news cycle and social media. When something gets reported by a major news source, it’s assumed that it’s the truth. If it’s a really juicy story like the one CNN was trying to push, it’ll go viral.

Once lies go viral, there’s no turning them back.