Politically Incorrect Cartoon Drops TRUTHBOMB On Liberals

From Kimberly Morin: You’ve heard about the recent, horrible murder of a Muslim teen girl in Virginia. A heinous piece of human filth couldn’t seem to contain his road rage and attacked a group of teen girls with bats and actually kidnapped the victim.

The left was quick to blame white supremacy and President Trump, even after they discovered the truth that the perpetrator of this crime was neither white nor American, nor could he have voted for Trump. From The Daily Caller:

Darwin A. Martinez Torres was arrested Sunday as a suspect in the death of Nabra Hassanen, a 17-year-old Muslim high school student from Virginia.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed with The Daily Caller that Torres is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador. Investigators believe the attack was the result of road rage and is not being investigated as an anti-Muslim hate crime.

Despite the facts of the case, Twitter liberals are blaming everything from white supremacy to Islamaphobia for the death of Hassanen:

This is despite the fact that the murderer is a person of color who also happens to be an illegal alien. He’s not a “white Hispanic,” nor is he an American.

The story, according to police, isn’t as cut and dry as 140 characters on Twitter:

The preliminary investigation reveals at about 3:40 a.m. on Sunday, a group of as many as 15 teenagers was walking and riding bikes on Dranesville Road. The group of teens had been attending an overnight event at a mosque, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society or ADAMS Center, and had left to go to a fast food restaurant. As they were returning to the mosque, some were on the sidewalk and others were on the road itself.  Detectives believe Torres came upon the teens while he was driving. The investigation reveals a teenaged boy on a bike began arguing with Torres. Torres then drove his car onto the curb as the group scattered. Witnesses say Torres caught up with them a short time later in a nearby parking lot and got out of his car armed with a baseball bat and began chasing the group. Torres was able to catch Nabra. His anger over the encounter led to violence when he hit Nabra with a baseball bat. Torres then took Nabra with him in his car to a second location nearby in Loudoun County.

The Fairfax County Police issued the statement below:

Of course, that wasn’t good enough for the haters on Twitter: